How to buy wooden floor without formaldehyde

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Wooden floor with its grain is beautiful, lukewarm profit is easy, accept the favour of consumer fully, and be in those who pay attention to healthy household life today, the nature of problem of environmental protection sex of wooden floor became the issue that everybody pays close attention to. So how of ability utmost fall the formaldehyde in the home to lowest? Europe sendfloor to teach your wood floor how to without formaldehyde today.
1, purifier disappear division
At present the air purifier cent on the market is anion model, oz1, filter adsorption, electrostatic collect shapes and smooth accelerant. Different air purifier has different working principle, like anion model pass generation anion namely, decompose the peculiar smell in air and adherent soot, achieve thereby purify indoor airy purpose. Although purifier is absorbing formaldehyde respect to have certain effect, but air purifier uses talent in the space that close only commonly effective, and although oz1 machine has effect of sterilization, disinfection, but oz1 is harmful to human body also be the final conclusion on medicine
2, the plant absorbs law  
The plant such as cactus, bracketplant, bulrush, ivy, sago cycas, chrysanthemum has extremely strong absorption the ability of formaldehyde, and among them big face of blade and herb kind the effect that the plant absorbs formaldehyde is better, be like bracketplant, tiger end orchid. But this does not meavegetable the formaldehyde in completely can cleared air, the plant is in to the absorption of formaldehyde wholcan rise only in purifying airy process additional action, face the harmful gas that decorates an end to send out thick and fast period, their faint absorption, cause itself deatpossibly even
3,law of activated carbon adsorption
Solid activated carbon has the characteristic with much hole, have very strong adsorption and catabolism to the harmful material such as formaldehyde, the grain of activated carbon jumps over little adsorptive effect to had been jumped over. Activated carbon is apparent to the sorption of formaldehyde, but differ according to dimensional size, the amount that sets activated carbon also differs somewhat. Additional, activated carbon adsorption undertakes changing to the need after certain level. Although the effect of activated carbon is pretty good, but with other method, can not keep clear of completely the formaldehyde in air. 4of formaldehyde of ventilated law purify
Pass indoor airy current, can reduce the content of harmful material in indoor air, reduce the harm of this kind of material to human body thereby, this should a kind of the cheapest and the most effective method. But in the winter people often lock door window, air of room inside and outside cannot current, can make the content of the formaldehyde in indoor air increases, often also should opewindow in winter so ventilated.
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