The continued attempts to R6 Credits

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In a movement that anybody who's ever played an online game can enjoy, players can mute both teammates and the enemy team individually on both the voice and text chat. This is part of the continued attempts to R6 Credits cut back in-game toxicity after the instant bans from the game for using offensive speech being released in July of Ubisoft. Siege is notorious for its loud, poisonous minority and so this continued push.Ubisoft's latest Rainbow Six Siege patch appears to have leaked information of an impending Halloween occasion including a map and Operator skins.

Redditor shared a post on the Rainbow 6 subreddit that showed a screenshot of their game menu. While imagining seems to be from place across the menu as a whole, a small popup at the corner that alerted the player of a unique occasion said that there was currently a Multiplayer Casual playlist featuring a map called"Play House." Players were quick to point out that this looks to be hinting at a Halloween-themed version of the map House with orange lights and ghostly figures included in the popup.

As some of the commenters pointed out, the characters hidden in the smoke of the game mode awake too appear to be more Operators. More especially, they look as though they're the skins for buy Rainbow Six Siege Items different Operators that were shared at a tweet in August using different skins eliminating the faces out of Operators, replacing the heads using eerie replicas of a menacing nun, and covering them with stitched masks. While the skins definitely looked out of place compared to the remainder of the Rainbow Six Siege entire world, they make a lot more sense with the latest leak indicating a Halloween-themed occasion is arriving in October.

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