Forza Horizon 4 Needs Better Stat Tracking Tools

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Of course, there is also the fact that Playground Games are located in the UK, which means you would expect them to have an intimate knowledge of the winding streets of Britain -- that should mean that this is the most authentic FH4 Credits yet. "I believe that is definitely what we're aiming for," Fulton says. "

We're a British enthusiast -- all of our staff live here and a lot grew up , thus we have a higher degree of familiarity with the subject matter on this particular project than previously. As soon as we've recreated locations on Forza Horizon matches, we have done so from research and reference photography, and I believe we have done a great job.

What we did not have was the knowledge. On Forza Horizon 4, since we've got that complete familiarity with Britain, we intuitively know if something's not quite correct and we are driven to repair it. This time has definitely increased the validity of the world. We also carry a pride in the country we live in, and we wish to show it in the best possible light -- we want to show our players the unbelievable Britain that we've rediscovered in this project."

But, Fulton assures us that's not the case -- and that the changing seasons will make the map feel larger than it really is. "The overall footprint of the Forza Horizon 4 planet in Britain is approximately equivalent to Forza Horizon 3, but it also features four dynamic seasons that change gameplay and visuals entirely on a regular basis," he explains.

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