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Shadowmantle, wow cheap gold the next free content expansion to the Neverwinter MMO has been announced and with it come a number of exciting additions for the players. A new class, a new campaign, and while yet to be announced imaginably a number of new purchase ables will all be inclusive with its unleash upon those venturing within the realms of Faerun. Judging by the currently available Sharandar campaign, from Fury of Feywild, the mechanic behind them works to not only create additional regions within the game and progress to its overall story and lore, but more enticing to the majority of players are probably the boons and unlocks these campaigns have to offer.

The Sharandar campaign provided players the means to further advance their max level characters with boons that offered things such as additional power (adds bonus damage), faster hit point recovery, amongst several other options as a player progressed within the campaign. The cost for these boons comes from completion of daily quests offered within that realm. In efforts to dissolve the inevitable monotony of such endeavors the developer's of Neverwinter managed to create a decent means of rotating these quests daily, and one of the quests even is only offered once a week. Completion of the quests will reward a number of varying marks that are traded in for the purchase of these boons as well as to further unlock the regions within the zone. As more of the campaign is unlocked, more quest lines and areas within the region become available furthering the means to create any number of variations in how a player chooses to go about collecting those needed marks to progress.

The Shadowmantle campaign is possibly overshadowed for a number of players however by the new class that this expansion will be providing players, the Hunter Ranger. As of October 29, 2013 the first preview of the Hunter Ranger was posted and can be found here, then another sneak peek was offered only days later and can be found here. The ranger class in World of Warcraft could arguably be one of the most popular, and while a number of players were disappointed to find the closest to it offered in Neverwinter was the rogue type; once the latest expansion goes live that will no longer be the case. See the video for the official advertisement exhibiting this class and some of its abilities.

Weekly sales, regular events, and an endless array of potential expansions; fails to fully convey just how much Neverwinter as an MMO has to offer its players. Fortunately there is no indication of lost momentum by the developers in the delivery of as much. While some bugs and hiccups are to be expected along with this steady stream of content; those that have stuck with this title have definitely not felt any measure of disregard to their appetites for more.

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