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Next to buy wow gold resign: Laura Bush. She'll announce that, although she's enjoyed her tenure as First Lady, she is stepping down so that she can spend less time with her family.

The Alberto Gonzales bulletin this morning was not exactly a shocker. Indeed, I think I speak for millions of Americans when I say, "But I thought he resigned months ago."

Also can someone please tell me if Cheney is still the Vice President? And whatever happened to Karen Hughes? She's still a special envoy for State, trying to get other countries to hate us less, right? I know Condi is still around, going to golf tournaments and whatnot. But otherwise the Bush Administration seems to be evaporating before our eyes, and soon the president will be rattling around the empty hallways trying to scare up an intern for a game of Go Fish.

I love , defending Gonzales after he was accused of lying to Congress: "We're watching a political exercise," Mr. Bush said. "I mean, this is a man who has testified, he's sent thousands of papers up there. There's no proof of wrong."

That's a good standard when you are talking about The Nation's Top Law Enforcement Official.

Mike Allen at The Politico: The acting attorney general will be Solicitor General Paul Clement. He "can stay in that position for quite a while," a senior administration official said. That would avoid a bruising confirmation fight. Some Democratic senators have vowed not to confirm a Gonzales successor. Attorneys someone who has actually overseen the investigation, arrest and conviction of Islamist radicals and who knows, for example, the need for the reformed FISA.

This morning the kids went back to public school in DC. My middle daughter is off to her first day of high school. It's a big transition, and she's a bit nervous. I'm a bit anxious, too, but I'm keeping those feelings entirely to myself, except for, you know . blogging about it.

My eldest is entering 11th grade and has to take about 17 AP classes and also play varsity soccer and get ready for the SAT and try to find impressive things to put on her college applications, like how she found a cure for TB in her spare time, etc. She was standing at the bus stop, talking to her best friend, and looking over at the gaggle of incoming freshmen girls. She said, "Did we look that young when we were in 9th grade?"

The answer is, yes: They all look so young these days. Your basic 9th grader in 2007 looks like a 7th grader from 1977. It's prolonged neoteny. We are observing the rapid neotenization of America's youth.

If you go back far enough, to, say, the 1930s, a 9th grader looked about 40 years old and already crushed by life's burdens. Seriously, look at old photographs of, say, a college crew team: Everyone appears to be middle aged.

Anyway, before she jumped on the bus, I gave my little girl some good advice (never look anyone in the eye; use sarcasm whenever sincerity seems to be called for; work hard at being considered cool rather than a geek). But let's face it, they don't listen to parents when they reach high school.

We were at a wedding on the weekend, and mr dr spent a great deal of time talking golf with a gentleman sitting at the table with us. I gleaned that Tiger only has to win one tourney (possibly not even win it to win the cup just show up and play decently). It makes no sense at all, but then its golf and it's all greek to me.

The newscast this morning had the breaking news, but the seriousness of the announcers voice seemed to indicate something really solemn. I thought for sure Cheney was resigning or something at least of that magnitude. But no, just Gonzales. I was sort of suprised that they didn't just put it into the regular news rotation without comment. It seemed rather a done deal wven without the announcement. ") for its utter, utter cluelessness. Um, zackly how many young, charismatic terrorism fighters have we got running amok in the Torqueberto Justice Department anyway.

Say, ya don't think ol Hewitt had a specific candidate in mind, do ya?

Glad to hear your eldest is taking AP classes, Joel. The Associated Press can always use more good reporters. Oh, wait.

BTW, Joel, your work as a father is NEVER done. Trust me on this. The only thing that changes is the subject matter. And if you also happen to be a family patriarch (as I am), then it is a lifetime appointment. I'm checking his room for pods.

We told him he can't exhibit symptoms of seniorities until May after he has taken all his AP tests.

He still hasn't finished all the college application essays he has had a month to do, so somethings are still unchanged.

It may not be the context Joel anticipated, but this "Dazed and Confused" quote sums it up: "That's what I love about these high school girls, man. Now he mentions his daughter's college aspirations. (Children can be so unreasonable that way.) Suddenly it all makes sense.
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