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Beauty buy cheap wow gold and the Geek prides itself on bringing people together who wouldn't normally be seen dead in the same room, let alone have any sort of romantic connectionConvention seems to throw good looking people together to bask in each other's prettiness, whilst the trainspotters, anoraks, and computer programmers are drawn together through a mutual love of World of Warcraft and Internet chat roomsView galleryGeorge Clooney Regularly dubbed the hottest man in Hollywood, George's early look was more Thelma from Scooby Doo than the salt 'n pepper heartthrob we know todayView galleryRyan Seacrest The squeaky clean, unflappable host of American Idol went from being the schoolyard's victim to one of the most successful men in American media, hosting the smash hit TV show, fronting a popular radio programme, as well as producing a number of television formatsView galleryEmma Watson Who said you can't have brains and beauty? The new poster girl for 21st century feminism may well be an international sex symbol, but that didn't stop her from achieving 8 As and 2 A grades from the 10 GCSE exams she took in 2006View galleryDaniel Radcliffe Emma's old Hogwarts pal, Daniel has swapped the glasses for a hairy chest, ditched the choir boy act and replaced it with a bad boy edge. Plus should the role require it, he's more than happy to get his kit off what happened to cute little Harry?
View galleryJoseph Gordon Levitt He first came to prominence advertising Cocoa Puffs and Pop Tarts, before landing the role of the long haired teeny bopper in 3rd Rock From The Sun. He's now a super cool Hollywood director in his own right, and wrote himself a part where Scarlett Johansson is his girlfriend clever boy!
View galleryJerry O'Connell Forever known as the 'chubby kid from Stand By Me', Jerry eventually grew up, shed the puppy fat, and became the proud owner of a 'Hollywood hunk' bodyView galleryPamela Anderson Nineties pin up Pamela Anderson was a nice, quiet girl from Canada, leading a pretty uneventful life, until the day someone asked her to put a red swimsuit on she became the crush for a whole generation of teenage boys, married some rockstars, and never went back to the quiet lifeView gallery.
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