Path of Exile: Dual-Wielding Duelist Build Help

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If you are now looking to build a Duelist that dual-wields and uses double strike and possibly cyclone of your main attacks. And if you are about to do the Ascendancy trials and was wondering what would be the best and how to go about the rest of your skill points. Kind of curious about the differences in using swords ,axes, or maces as well, then you can look at some of suggestions below and hope that these will help you. But if you need poe currency, you can choose PoE Currency trade on . You won't want to miss them.

⒈ If you don't have a plan in advance, I'd go for the Slayer Ascendency, it looks like you're already trying to go for leech nodes, and slayer is the master of leeching.
⒉ Building your tree, it looks like you picked some low-efficiency nodes, especially around the dualist start area, you should probably spend a couple of respec points to remove those.
⒊ Since you're in that area of the tree, you'll probably want to pick a specific weapon type to specialize in, probably swords, since you look like you're going crit, and there's some good sword crit nodes nearby. Building what you have now into a tree, I'd go something like this.
⒋ If you went something like this, you could support Double Strike with supports like Melee Physical Damage, Melee Splash, Multistrike, and Maim.
⒌ It's hard to use two dps skills on most builds, because you'll want as many links as possible on a skill, and only chests and two-handed weapons allow for the maximum of 6 links, and as a dual wielder, you'll only have a chest that allows all 6 links.
⒍ Make sure to pickup a movement skill to have a way to quickly dodge out of the way, either Whirling Blades or Leap Slam most likely, supported by Faster Attacks and Fortify.

The last thing I'd look into is a bunch of gems linked to a Cast When Damage Taken support gem. Usually I'd go with Immortal Call, a curse of some kind (Enfeeble or Vulnerability maybe), and a golem (Ice Golem likely) Keep all the gems at a low level, so that Cast When Damage Taken will activate more often (when the gem pops up with a level-up, right click the level up button to ignore the level up).
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