Buy TOS Silver at gold.raiditem can a be a good choice

8 months 2 weeks ago #1 by SulliRichelle
Note that I am Team Level 54, which gives me 53% exp bonus. I am also a token user, hence I have 30% more exp. This guide is most accurate when there is a EXP Bonus Event going on. That is to say, events that offer you 100% exp buff, fortune cookies, TOS Silver exp tomes, etc. This guide also assumes that you have a main toon that has done a lot of map exploration, hence have plenty of exp cards right from the get go. Basically, that is the best time to start and level a toon. From the late level 260s onwards, there isn’t much choice but to do dungeons and missions. Grinding is not really viable unlike the early levels.

You basically want to get here by level 50ish and grind until level 56ish (or until you get both collossi and Didel recipe), killing Cronewts are also a good idea because you will need their Bones later on, but don't focus on them as you will have a better chance to Tree Of Savior Silver get these later. Come here to &klo2kfarm 2x Colossus + Didel Colossus Recipe. Unfortunately if you're late/not rushing Guardian's Graveyard has a tendency to be full and you’ll have to either skip this zone or wait.

Grind Fedimian outskirts hallow venters and quests, Buy TOS Silver get the quest from Coben that leads to the last turn in at dungeon entrance but dont turn in! It is a very useful warp point to warp to the 170 dungeon. Do 110 Dungeon or save for 140 dungeon (more popular). Mission if you don't intend to play for the rest of the day, if not do missions last, because mission scale with your level.

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