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The current state of women in-game is untenable and alienating for we the undersigned, and we are committed to creating a positive change in Wildstar's characters that allows for female characters that can be as strong and heroic as the males in-game. The reporter from Motherboard watched a demo video on how Manfred hacked WildStar Online in a bar with the hacker himself, and that is the only evidence available in the article. He sold the currency to buy WildStar Gold other players, or to gold-selling websites. According to the article, Manfred says WildStar Online is going to be the last video game he hacks. Read the whole article at the source for more!

Looking for brains? Meet the Mordesh, okay just kidding on the brains part. The Mordesh are pretty sophisticated for a zombie-like race. The Mordesh are almost as versatile as the Humans, being able to field five of WildStar Gold the six classes. I guess zombies don't make good psychics. If you want a high-tech undead character and don't mind giving up the Esper class, the Mordesh are the choice for you.

Videogames, especially MMORPG's, give the player an opportunity to gold.raiditem create an avatar that appeals to our sensibilities and priorities, and Carbine has done an excellent job of appealing to the adventurous spirit of their fans. However, the options available for women currently don't allow for creating a heroic and dynamic character, as is possible for males. This uneven power fantasy of powerful and strong men but thin-waisted, dainty women is an impassible problem for many who want to support the game, but cannot support this insulting &klo2kand incomplete depiction of women on Nexus.

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