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Young boys' buy cheap wow gold addiction to hardcore pornography and video games is causing a "crisis" of masculinity, a leading psychologist has warned.

Stanford University's Phillip Zimbardo claimed men's brains are becoming "digitally rewired" by the twin perils of smut and shoot 'em ups.

The next generation of man is likely to be made up of lonely "fat asses" who sit alone in their room playing multi player games, pausing only to watch pornography and swill down full fat fizzy drinks, he said.

Suffering from "Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction" and spending 44 hours in front of a screen every week, our young boys are being left behind by confident, industrious girls.

Old school: These tattered magazines have been swapped for an "immersive" digital experience

Zimbardo said: "Our focus is on young men who play video games to excess, and do it in social isolation they are alone in their room.

"Now, with freely available pornography, which is unique in history, they are combining playing video games, and as a break, watching on average, two hours of pornography a week."

In a terrifying glimpse into the adolescent male brain, he said men were unable to focus in the classroom or the bedroom.

"When I'm in class, I'll wish I was playing World of Warcraft," Zimbardo imagined boys saying.

"When I'm with a girl, I'll wish I was watching pornography, because I'll never get rejected."

Does World of Warcraft lead kids into a world of pain?

The situation is not helped by the fact that in Britain alone, about a quarter of all kids are raised by single mums, whilst just one in five primary school teachers is a man.

Boys often find themselves bored at school and starting acting up, the psychologist said.

Sometimes they are then "diagnosed" with ADHD and whacked with the chemical cosh, becoming addicted to Ritalin or other drugs.

It's a depressing picture and one Zimbardo has few suggestions about how to solve.

"This thing with boys is really getting me down because I can't think of a solution that is easy to entrain, that's easy to realise. It's painful for me because I'm an optimistic person. Boys are in a mess."

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