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KOTFE & KOTET were simply too grand in their scope. This would be fine in a single player game where it all ends, the credits roll, and you move on, but in an MMO, players are always wondering what’s next. BioWare Austin sort of painted itself into a corner here by letting the player character truly win. By the end of KOTET, the player dominates the galaxy basically unopposed. You’ve got enemies, sure, but between the defeat of Valkorion and his kin and the possession of the Eternal Fleet, the notion of being under any sort of real threat is hard to swallow. Gold.raiditem is definitely the best place for you to buy swtor credits. We will do best to offer you cheap SWTOR Credits for saleswtor credits for sale .

To make matters worse, these expansions don’t make a whole lot of sense if you’re not a Force user, which is one reason I haven’t taken some of my favorite characters through it and that’s bothered me for years now. The story post-KOTET has focused on a traitor arc involving Theron Shan and a mysterious Order of Zildrog, which has finally come to its conclusion with the recent release of Game Update 5.9: The Nathema Conspiracy. The short version of events is that this Order of Zildrog has sought out Valkorion/Vitiate’s superweapons with the goal of destroying the Eternal Alliance. It turns out that Theron’s betrayal of the Alliance was really just a ploy to get close to the mysterious Order and aid the player before it could make its move against the Alliance.

Ultimately, the Order of Zildrog is defeated by the end of the Nathema Conspiracy, but not before the weapon is unleashed and the Eternal Fleet is destroyed. It’s not a very compelling storyline, but it accomplishes its goal of $k3&f5f getting BW Austin out of a bind so it can move the game’s narrative back to a conflict between the Empire vs. Republic in the next expansion. Want to Get a wonderful equipment for Swtor? You need to use Swtor credits US to buy them and enchance your character. Gold.raiditem is the best choice to get cheap and safe SWTOR Credits USswtor credits US .

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