PoE: Scaling Ignite Trapper For Incursion

8 months 6 days ago #1 by poetips
With the reveal of all the trap reworks and new trap gems, I've been planning a similar build based around scaling DoT and burning damage with Fire Trap so both the ignite from the initial hit and the burning ground are boosted. So U4GM will teach you how to level up in PoE, and you can also buy PoE Currency or PoE Exalted Orb from us if you don't want to earn money by yourself, we can do that for you.

Trickster offers a huge amount of damage and utility (15% more DoT, 50% increased DoT, frenzies and power charges, and a ton of recovery rate and mana) and doesn't have to worry about trap cooldown cause Fire Trap won't have one in 3.3. The downside is that it doesn't have built in prolif, so you need to use a link for that, but it'll prob be worth it for the boost to clear speed.

I'm probably going to go EO for the 40% more dmg over crit as I feel like it's too much investment to go that route. I might run EE if it works properly with reproccing it with a lightning skill. Definitely going MoM cause Trickster, so we can build up a massive effective health pool. (edit: didn't realize traps don't proc EE, go EE)

As for gearing, Searing Touch is BiS and leaves us with whatever chest we want. Either running a 6L single-target trap or shaper 5L with a Kaom's. Considering Aylardex to make use of the power charge generation, it gives us a ton of mana regen (that's further scaled by Trickster's fat recovery rate) and "more MoM." The Blood Dance seems really interesting as well, giving us a ton of life regen to make more use of the frenzies and that's also getting scaled by Trickster.

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