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Fragrance Buddhist nun overcomes drying of at present lumber to heat up pump Sichuan to establish example project again As air source hot pump uses a field gradually broad, the application of lumber drying hot pump in relevant industry more and more suffer take seriously, famous air can heat up fragrance Buddhist nun of pump manufacturer Guangdong to overcome at present to succeeded in Chengdu a few days ago establish Gongchun project of example of arboreous material drying.

As we have learned, this project uses microtherm 6P to heat up pump drying aircrew + heat reclaims the system reduces cost have traditional kind only 30% the left and right sides, stoving effect just is agreed by the project reputably. As we have learned, at present fragrance Buddhist nun overcomes at present lumber to heat up pump dryer applicable at eucalyptus wood, Qing Gang wood of eucalyptus of wood, Gong Chunmu, white wax, northeast Yu, willow, camphorwood, basswood, birch, teak, beech, rosewood, ormosia.

Annual runs charge to have the 20%-35% left and right sides of traditional drying means only. " tiger claw hidden deck fasteners , pvc wood panels , Redwood Lumber For Sale Near Los Angeles "

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