stop money badly

1 year 11 months ago #1 by Qizhenbi
spurt in prices 40% and stop money badly, branch of bright red acid is talked jin say Annatto market value is higher and higher, material is more and more god-given however. Review news of annatto of near future international, we discover, come into stock to enter town hard, stock cost increase sharply is the biggest reason.

But more serious problem is: Possible henceforth beautiful high price cannot buy annatto raw material! Since this year, canal of Laos government severity accuses bird sufficient rosewood (Laos spends pear) exit, almost one is not exported, the stock of wood of Laos beautiful pear that causes Vietnam market to go up has been drawn out empty.

Kampuchea jumps over card rosewood (Kampuchea spends pear) also be accused by governmental canal, hardly wood can be exported. This year in November, burmese imported equipment of scanning of light of several container X from Japan, severe check smuggling Burmese Hua Li, already buckled wood of a lot of cars, put an end to Burmese Hua Li to contraband exit further. The light of X of these a few container that comrades bring to understand Burmese firm import below scans equipment. " outside deck how much or cost , fencing an outdoor play area , outdoor patio floors that can be applied directly to ground "

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