lumber machines what

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Predict total output value of district of whole this year town grows 7.8% compared to the same period, dimensions above gross value of industrial output grows 13.7% compared to the same period, dimensions above industry increases a value to grow 9% compared to the same period, came true " 935 " good a bureau. On forum, government of people of expensive harbor city and designing institute of program of industry of forest products of national forestry bureau sign collaboration He still expresses,

2016 China (expensive harbor) lumber machines what the industry grows height forum to hold, estate of forestry of expensive to driving harbor machines transition of course of study to upgrade, industry of treatment of stimulative forest products spans development has important sense. We will be chance with this, according to the demand that can expand continuously,

adjust measures to local conditions, elaborate scheme, increase afforestation strength, develop forest products to process trade energetically, drive of innovation of aggrandizement science and technology, strengthen the yield with various forestry branch and orgnaization of forest products research and development to learn to grind collaboration, extend industrial cable length, raise additional cost, " Anti uv outdoor wood plastic composite WPC decking , pictures of stained wood fences , cheapest way to cement outdoor living space "

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