check the doors and windows hinge hinge installation

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<p>acceptance of carpentry, the need to focus on good wood doors and windows. 1, check the door and window film surface appearance requirements of wooden doors and windows should be smooth and bright, no flow, bubbles, wrinkles and other defects, no corrosion, dead, broken doors and windows sets; the use of wood and wood doors and windows, color coordination, veneer and wooden line color </p>
<p>difference is not large, tree species should be the same. 2, to check the founder of the doors and windows to be founder, not warping deformation, windows and doors can just be stuffed into the door and window frame, and the door and window frame. If the doors and windows and frame gap is large, mainly because of the installation of the plane is not allowed to repair the door or window frame and the </p>
<p>ground is not vertical, the doors and windows can be removed to re repair the plane; such as the door window frame is not vertical, should be in the frame plate gasket. 3, check the doors and windows of the door and window to apply for the production of blockboard or density board, should be fixed on the base plate of the base plate keel, and then nail line. Knock the door and window with the hand side </p>
<p> quality control for composite production <br />
attaching horizontal fence posts to concrete <br />
outdoor furniture singapore </p>

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