Simulation of high-density fiber molded door skin

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<p>desiccation crack, to avoid placing the wood in the air vents for the decoration of the timber in the fall, to avoid the vent. Otherwise, the wind blows, easily lead to the wood moisture loss, the wood surface dry, crack. Two, the best wood put &nbsp in the shade; autumn decoration wood should pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, sunlight accelerated both the wood moisture loss, on the other hand, may make </p>
<p>the wood paint easy to crack. Three, wood plate to avoid the vertical placement of carpentry construction, may need to use a lot of wood plate, and these wood plate in place when the plate to maintain smooth. Avoid the sheet on end, otherwise easy to make plate cracking, warping. Four, look at the situation of sealing oil treatment &nbsp; if the weather is very dry, and wood may be very serious dry. So </p>
<p>this time you can wipe the dust on the wood with a dry towel to wipe, and then brush the paint two times to seal the oil processing, in order to lock the moisture of wood, to prevent excessive moisture loss caused by the phenomenon of dry. &nbsp: Part2: heavy hidden works, such as the construction of the basic construction of the ceiling in autumn, including carpentry project, including a number of hidden </p>
<p> composite sheets for marine use <br />
shoreline composite retaining wall <br />
plastic wood construction </p>

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