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<p>straight lines &nbsp; according to the regulations, good wood products should be straight lines, square straight edges and corners, not dew cap. The installation position is correct, the cutting angle is neat, the joint is tight, and the wall surface is tight.Camphor wood, belonging to China's valuable timber. Camphor wood furniture texture clear good, hard material and other excellent characteristics, many people </p>
<p>thought that has gradually entered people's family, then we should be how to choose and how to maintain the camphor camphor wood furniture furniture? The following small series to introduce one by one. Camphor wood color for Pan red bronze, texture clear good-looking, hard material, since ancient times is the production of furniture timber; in the past, because the price is expensive, rare camphor, </p>
<p>camphor wood furniture only for the rich family, after the reform and opening up, along with the expansion of planting and harvesting plan camphor, camphor wood furniture increased, only into the homes of ordinary people. Camphor wood purchase: camphor wood close, there is a natural beautiful texture, tough texture, not easy to break, it is not easy to crack, since ancient times is the first choice of engraving </p>
<p> plastic tongue and groove south africa <br />
composite decking materials in kenya <br />
building a bench from deck boards </p>

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