spilled on the table, not a reprimand

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<p>called "water does not rot, a door-hinge is never worm-eaten". With the change of season, furniture should be adjusted appropriately in the position. If you let it stay in one place, it is easy to rot. I often see this ancient furniture: front and side wall of the exquisite beyond compare, like a side too horrible to look at. The dish was the fire burned half of the face, let a person see the heart is full of infinite regret. In </p>
<p>short, for the people, the temperament of the furniture is "easy to move and easy to move, long static perishable"; for the weather, the temperament of the furniture is only gradual, non mutation". Collectors must match up, with wood to make furniture, exquisite ancient legends. "Compliance with wood" is the purpose and philosophy of furniture maintenance, the following describes some specific maintenance </p>
<p>skills. Maintenance two: how to maintain the desktop there is an old saying goes: "cold table can not make hot tea." This sentence can be described as conforming to the wood, because the temperature of the furniture can not be stored in the heat. For example, with stone furniture (such as tables, screens, etc.) can not be placed outdoors in the winter, summer can not be placed in the sun to dry, so as not to </p>
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