How to clean the floor gap dust?

9 months 1 week ago #1 by Qizhenbi
<P>1, vacuum cleaner: clean wood flooring, the first vacuum dust is essential! To the vacuum cleaner fitted with a small nozzle or slot nozzle, plate-forme d'extension de plancher upvc so that you can better clean the gap dust.</P>
<P>2, plastic cotton mop: vacuum, and then glue the mop to wipe. You can better achieve the cleaning effect, you can use professional wood flooring cleaning agent to wash, do not wash directly with water, no obvious effect.</P>
<P>3, hair dryer: If there is no vacuum cleaner at home, Concevez votre propre plate-forme composite hair dryer is also a favorable tool. The hair dryer to open to the cold, adjust to the appropriate size of the wind, at the floor of the gap, dust and debris will be blown out. Then, wipe clean with a rag.</P>
<P>4, flat to drag: This method is very popular in foreign countries. In the use of time as long as the more dry towel caught in the flat to drag, coût moyen de remplacement d'un pont extérieur and then spray some dust on the towel adsorbent, as we usually wipe the floor as gently wipe the floor of the dust, debris are easy Was adsorbed on a towel. After cleaning as long as a good cleaning towel just fine.</P>

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