Installation and maintenance of geothermal heating floor

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<P>1, before installation:Before the installation of ground treatment must be meticulous handling, while in accordance with the standard standard leveling ground. Before laying, engineered flooring verify that the heating system is operating properly and that the floor is completely dry and that the moisture content does not exceed 10%. Before the installation of the floor, should be based on the temperature inside the room to increase or decrease, so that the temperature inside the room to the appropriate installation of 15-21 degrees Celsius.</P>
<p>2, when installed:In the mat next to the 0.2 mm thick heat-proof moisture-proof film, and the film joints should be overlapping 200 mm, horizontal bamboo flooring for theater design and sealed with a tight strip. Using thermal conductivity fast, no deformation, environmental protection geothermal special mat; electric heating mats should also be anti-aging, butterfly pattern pvc panels electrical insulation. It is best to use a floating installation, so that the floor through the cushion material close to the ground. It is also advisable to lay the floor in the direction of light.</p>
<P>3, after installation:After the floor pavement, in use should ensure that the heating system heating temperature uniformity, to avoid the local area surface temperature is too high, try to keep the surface temperature, lvt pvc vinyl flooring for restaurants not more than 27 degrees better. The temperature is increased or decreased by 5 degrees per day for the first time or when the geothermal system is used again or for a long time, and quenching or quenching is prohibited.</P>
<P>When the winter heating season comes, check whether there is any leakage in the connection joints. Indoor temperature �Q 40%, should take the humidification measures, deck railing supplies waterproof plastic indoor humidity �R 80% should be ventilated, wet. Heating system heating geothermal heating floor ground found that water leakage, into the floor after the grass is strictly prohibited to use the warm system, or may endanger life safety. It is recommended to put a door mat at the door to prevent a large number of gravel directly into the room, resulting in abnormal wear on the floor surface.</P>

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