pangolin to be arrested

9 months 1 week ago #1 by Qizhenbi
scale of 3.1 tons of pangolin to be arrested in lumber of Zhu Mou container Shanghai custom entered a country in the entrance recently wood plastic composite united states scale of 3.1 tons of pangolin was hunted down inside the container of lumber, this also is our country custom those who hunt down is the biggest contraband case of entrance pangolin scale together. Before before long,

substation of port area of tall bridge of outside of Shanghai custom suppress smuggling obtains clew, two place Tibet from inside Plastic Composite Storage Cabinets the container lumber of African start shipment goods of many endangered species, domestic consignor is searching money acting firm to think method is connected close. Chen Chao of investigation division of substation of tall

bridge port area introduces outside of Shanghai custom suppress smuggling, the name of an article that this container declares to Composite Privacy Panel For Dado custom is Shan pahudia wood, but our custom been undertakinging to these two container machine when checking, discover this container from the density inside shows above the picture, Deck Board Ideas

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