make full use of domestic

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internationalization, make full use of domestic and international two markets, quicken product technology innovation, promote a brand consequence, Lawn Bench Replacement Wood "Of Chinese plank " strategic transition shortly. The industry is exhibited can build professional platform Statistic shows, current, linyi city has new harbor, establish morning annual

produce of company of 2 timber estate exceeds 1 billion yuan, industry of the timber that face Hunan, medium the 17 companies production value such as Pvc Composite Fencing For Outdoor industry of 100 million timber, wide forest industry exceeds 500 million yuan. Digital backside, the actual strength that is industry of whole timber industry inexpensive fence solutions is reflected. "Garden area is

changed, group changes development to be advanced quickly, at present Shandong province has company of national level bibcock 9, standardize an Composite Decking Product Fujairah enterprise 4. Carry the demonstrative action of bibcock enterprise, drove the development of group industry, at present already preliminary formed Linyi, He lustre, talk about city, Shou Guang

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