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1 year 1 month ago #1 by Qizhenbi
material, loose 38.89J is added on the market class and SE be in short supply are serious, 2.44M is least, whole too the storehouse does not have prices for anti-mildew flooring inventory, near future client is to buy short makings to replace, foreign price difference and before a week is about the same, the price rises 70 yuan / cubic left and right sides, will look

according to market level, this one posture still will keep period of time, won't have too big change. Last week too storehouse 38*89 norms, length 10 x 4 cedar veneered mdf panels 4.88Mse class adds blessing quote to be in 2180 yuan. Came in June the last ten-day of a month was Thailand in October " monsoon " , annual has the rainfall of 85% Wood Plastic Product to be centered in monsoon, suffer

this effect, thailand home log supplies insecurity, raw material price rises and fall errant, norms lumber does not supply the part to go up, Supplier For Wood Plastic Composite home is in condition of be in short supply. Guangzhou harbor nature is wide last week *5.0, length 2M, wood of balata of AB class Thailand is natural board quote is in 2750 yuan. African material

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