market peak period

1 year 1 month ago #1 by Qizhenbi
trend, market peak period also wants 11 National Day the most quickly Holiday around. Small sunken yellow wingceltis, the businessman outdoors trellis panels discloses, had had for ages do not have shipment, the market is unusually quiet. Market personage analysis thinks, speed of downstream market get warm again after a cold spell anticipates not as good as

is material of small sunken yellow Tan Yuan clinchs a deal unfavorable is main reason. Stagnant market traded to hit the stock up enthusiasm of wood clad plywood sheets distributor home badly also, guangdong market is at present small supply of goods of whole of sunken yellow wingceltis slants little, the price also is in opposite perch, Composite Bench Bracket the choice square material of

producing area Nigaragua signs up for 3.8-4.2 10 thousand yuan / ton. Broad Xie Huangtan Respect of broad Xie Huangtan: Use up gradually as inventory of Outdoor Wood Walls Fencing merchandise on hand, and new money enters town very difficult (basically be to should deal with endangered card) , cause tension of merchandise on hand of near future home thereby.

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