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Aqua data studio download implements a reliable database administration system that will be useful for browsing database contents and running SQL scripts. It provides help for multiple types of relational databases, Sybase, Oracle, DB2, Apache Cassandra, Derby and Hive, Informix, MongoDB, and a lot more.

The primary advantage of Aqua Data Studio is always that it doesn't restrict the number of servers you can connect to, which implies that you can work with multiple databases simultaneously. Servers and database schemas are displayed in tree-view, for simplier and easier navigation and knowledge of the structure.

Aqua Data Studio shows data in a structured method, enabling you to create new tables or quite simply modify current kinds. You can change or create indexes, users, permissions and methods, in addition as edit the data definition language of the database item.

The built-in schema script generator helps you in creating SQL scripts. The editor features syntax highlighting, line numbering, auto-complete functionality and tips, all meant to appreciably ease your work.

The application's feature established is completed from the built-in database administration resources, which help you to deal with scenarios, connections, classes or storage capability, at the same time as deliver server statistical experiences.

The IDE features debugging capabilities and enables you to without difficulty import and export data utilizing the dedicated wizards that could guide you all over the complete process. The ER diagram generator facilitates you to definitely get a graphical illustration belonging to the database framework, even as the integrated query builder assists you generate and execute queries and examine benefits displayed as 2D or 3D charts.

Apart from your higher than, there are certainly extra features waiting around to always be discovered in Aqua Data Studio. It will be a scalable database management tool really worth wanting for dealing with sizable data sets.

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