Balcony reconstruction for the study

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Balcony reconstruction for the study
Many of my friends do not know how to arrange a study room for a small apartment, but they can actually transform the balcony into a study. If this location is used cleverly, composite horse fence usa manufacturer it can save a lot of space. Moreover, there are too many cases where the balcony
has become a study room, and it is entirely possible to transform the balcony according to different sizes. Below, let's take a look at the case of several balconies to change the study.
Balcony reconstruction for the study case
If you want to change the balcony into a study, the first condition is to first enclose the balcony with a glass window. If you think that installing fabric curtains is troublesome, you can use blinds. Several shelves are installed on the side wall of the balcony, which can be used to put some books on it, pvc plastic wood board jakarta and ceilings are used to install spotlights to illuminate the bookshelf. Underneath the shelf is a work table and a stool. With a work table lamp, the balcony becomes a study.
Balcony reconstruction for study case two
If the space on the balcony is not too small, wpc flooring sri lanka you can set a tatami lounge on one side, and you can create a drawer underneath,
with a mat and a pillow on it. You can usually read or rest on it. The balcony is connected to the living room, and a bookcase is installed on one side. After the book is filled, it can also serve as a shelter. It should be noted that this bookcase is best
not to do too much.
Balcony Renovation for Study Case III
Make full use of the corner of the balcony, where you can make a multi-functional work space with a table and bookcase. The use of different colors of wood can create a good sense of layering. The walls of the balcony are painted gray, and the color and
gold are more conducive to reading. And work. advantages of wooden walls panels in uk If you feel that it is still too monotonous, you can put several potted plants as decoration.

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