Stone model floor installs step introduction

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<p>wooden floor is one of our most familiar ground material, what the ground material of a lot of families chooses now is wooden floor. The floor is one of the most important parts in decorating, Average Cost Of Veranda Decking By The Ft final result is good, the option of the floor is very important, so Hong Peng is small today make up talk about this problem with everybody together, how to elect a floor board, do ability and furniture match one face? </p>

<p>The color of the floor is classified</p>

<p>For more convenient description, we fasten floor cent for 3 color, it is light color department, New Material Composite Decking Window Flower Boxes log color department and brunet department namely. </p>

<p>Light color is: White, grayish, flaxen. </p>

<p>Log color is: It is joker color namely, be in namely light color and brunet demitint. </p>

<p>Brunet department: Commonly used brunet department floor, Outdoor Decking Kits With Roof give priority to with brown, red. </p>

<p>Door model corresponding floor</p><p>Small family: Choose the floor board that light color fastens, the reason is to be able to appear the space is larger, because light color is as adjacent as the color such as metope, ground, rise to be able to blur every interface (smooth, day, ground) action</p>

<p>Large family: Because the area is large, can choosing log color so is the wooden floor of brunet perhaps series, had better be the sort of containing exquisite decorative pattern, the floor of scar of bare lubricious wood, non interlocking composite decking used as pool coping the shop sticks the effect that come out the meeting is much better. </p>

<p>Tall to the layer taller, the light is better door model, can choose a bit brunetter wood floor board, normally for color is deeper, the result that does will be more high-grade. </p>

<p>Which kinds of color is good do? </p>

<p>Normally for the floor has compared the wood with a bit deeper color to do, because color is deep, although the ground became dirty see not quite easily also, conversely, if be the wooden floor of light color, the ground became dirty very conspicuous, what if need has chosen,do is so good in the home choose brunet floor board. </p>

<p>The color collocation that of above introduction is wooden floor and with door model match degree, floor choose and buy is only good, the integral space that ability and household decorate is tie-inner. Hong Peng floor is acted on " result from natural, beautiful at nature " concept, with natural raw material, the beauty of former zoology, present natural and plain real wood floor board at consumer at the moment, it is the floor brand that consumer trusts. </p>

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