Wooden floor " thick " with " thin " ?

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<p>the service life of furniture is the problem that a lot of families care, everybody does not think the thing buys bad situation to appear, so wear-resisting floor is the person above average in the floor, Barrette White Vinyl Fence Panel the characteristic that can see it from the name is wear-resisting, since wear-resisting so service life also too won't short. So, what is wear-resisting floor? Below small make up have detailed introduction for everybody. </p>

<p>What is wear-resisting floor</p>

<p>Wear-resisting floor is like environmental protection floor same, not be to point to which kind of floor breed designedly, it is service life long, wear-resisting is durable a general designation of the floor. outdoor floating wood deck floors It also makes economic floor board, durable floor board again, it is the floor uses pattern plate of steel of U chamfer hot pressing in producing a course suppress shapes, concave and convex have send, natural and true, in basis of floor surface brim at the same time colorific optics principle designed technically " line of real wood vision " , make the floor had the U of a real wood chamfer on the vision, avoided traditional V chamfer already not the blemish of wear-resisting, not easy cleanness, build the log whole effect that gives large area floor board, return uncut jade to put in true question 's charge from what the floor solved on touch and vision. </p>

<p>The wear-resisting intensity of the floor, basically be to depend on 3 oxidation 2 aluminous crystal (common weighs gem) coating. Floor the 3 oxidation of every unit area content of 2 aluminous crystal is higher, Fast Concrete Patio Coverup its wear-resisting is spent taller. </p>

<p>The exterior wearability of the floor, namely because the floor does not have wear-resisting layer or wear-resisting revolution extremely low and floor of the holiday that be called, this kind of floor apparently look, use sand paper burnish without distinction with true compound floor a certain number of second hind, meeting discovery decorates a flower to grain is burnished and become white immediately. Be in public, the service life of the floor won't exceed half an year commonly. build deck around inground pool Grind a gender stronger, the price is relevant a few more expensive also. If the home is medium population is much, also not quite notice to maintain, optional choose wearability is a few taller; But if you relatively those who notice a floor maintain, the floor gets chance of tatty of puissant, hardware less, choose wearability relatively a bit more inferior may more economy is substantial. When detect, usable sandpaper is wiped, the very easy discovery with poor quality. </p>

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