Choose and buy of pool wood floor

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<p>floor of pool wood of domestic traditional Chinese clothes, not only environmental protection is healthy, it is to savour more symbolize costlily. And the thing that floor of pool wood of choose and buy is person of an unusual trial however, polymer decking material recyclable how to choose all wool and a yard wide pool wood floor board? National lustre floor teachs you how to judge the actor of low quality of pool wood floor from the appearance. </p>

<p>pool wood floor is use natural lumber to make and become, what wait along with climate, environment is different and natural tree is endless identical, even if be same kind of tree, grow in different place, Composite Boat Deck Materials In Uk its itself also can differ, the floor board that treatment becomes a useful person is different also, accordingly, generally speaking, everyman very hard accurate identifying. If be in large store, boutique,buy only, be at ease quite, won't have fake, but a little normal blemish, still can try to identify. </p>

<p>Grain this is to decide directly the standard of stand or fall of pool wood floor. Well-regulated grain is very beautiful and easy, if cooperate crystal floor lacquer to be used together, finishing hind the meeting is very beautiful, fiber on deck gate plans accordingly, do not choose those grain desultorily or the floor that pours filar shedding. </p>

<p>Off color this is normal phenomenon. Again good floor also is put in off color, this is the congenital place decision of natural product, but off color do not answer too serious, if very big or contrast is flat nigrescent word, do not buy please. </p>

<p>Crack is high-grade the floor is not to allow existence crack, but average consumer can not buy this kind of floor board. Medium, cheap floor has crack is hard to avoid, but too big bad. </p>

<p >Section child namely section scar, can distribute the section that it is work and dead part. Former lumber organization and circumjacent lumber are linked together cheek by jowl, without aperture. outdoor wall handrails for concrete steps And latter lumber organization and circumjacent lumber are broken away from, down to is met sometimes whole red-letter day child fall off, leave next hole. Serving as crude products is impossible to do not have a section child, of lively part reasonable distributing, can make woodiness is tasted instead more beautiful, but the existence of dead section is so not beautiful. Classy tasting is the red-letter day that does not allow blemish child of existence, national regulation: The lively part that every diameter is less than 3 millimeter child be less than 2 millimeter with the diameter and did not fall off, blame is close together model dead section child section of nonfeasance blemish sex child. </p>

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