Outdoor antiseptic wood flooring how to install

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Outdoor wood flooring applications are very extensive, common in outdoor gardens, squares, terraces, platforms, trails, courtyards and so on. Its use of performance is also very good, common Pinus sylvestris, Southern pine, Douglas Fir, New Zealand Radiant pine antiseptic wood floor after treatment have anti-corrosion, corrosion resistance, anti-ants, moth, environmentally friendly and durable features, Water contact, some hydrophilic platform is made of preservative wood.

First of all need to survey the construction site of the environment, the construction of the ground should try to maintain a smooth, dry, to exclude the surrounding landslide may occur environmental factors. It is best not to install in the rainy days, to avoid the impact of seams at the end of life.

Construction, the best preservative wood placed in the ventilation. In the installation should be measured before the specific specifications, the number, so that the installation can be more effective, reduce the duration and use of wear and tear. So the early work is very important, it is best to have a clear drawing.

Construction is recommended to use a little longer anti-corrosion wood, which can reduce the joints, costs and duration, but not too long, to avoid long, wide, thick disproportionate floor deformation caused by more harm than good, the specific value can ask the seller.

Outdoor wood flooring is generally installed after the long-term use, and the service life is very long, green, especially practical.

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