special attention to the floor seams

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<p>paint free boards, decorative wooden fire doors, high-grade decorative paint, wooden fire door three categories. Here's a look at the wooden fire door fire rating and kind of introduction. &nbsp; &nbsp; first, wooden fire door fire rating 1, class a wooden fire doors, class a wooden fire door refractory time is not less than 1.5 hours, only to meet this point can be called grade a fire door. Grade a fire doors </p>
<p>are generally used perlite, a small amount will be used vermiculite fire board, foam door core board, MC compliance materials and so on fire protection materials, class a fire door thickness is generally 50mm. Refractory time 2 and B B wooden fire door wooden fire door not less than 1 hours, including the use of fire door hardware accessories must also be used to fire the fire door hardware accessories, </p>
<p>usually this grade is generally used for door decoration. Refractory time 3 and C C wooden fire door wooden fire door not less than 0.5 hours, using C fire door fittings must be treated with fire retardant, meet the fire resistance limit specified. &nbsp; &nbsp; two; wooden fire door type; 1; ordinary facing wooden fireproof door; fireproof door frame is made of flame-retardant wood; fire surface is added to </p>
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