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Formaldehyde releases the index of function of significant environmental protection that set limit to is man-made board and its goods, it is the main factor that promotes industrial green 8x4 lumber stockade fence pricing development. And the industry is at present medium, man-made board and its goods formaldehyde release a quantity to exceed bid, remain one of main factors with unqualified product.

In December 2016 portion, jiangsu saved bureau of industrial and commercial administration to announce result of sampling observation of quality of man-made board commodity. In the 310 batch commodity that selective examination, have 68 batch formaldehyde of man-made board product releases a quantity the project is veranda floor enduring products unqualified. Some man-made board the product tags formaldehyde to release quantity grade to be E2, however the requirement of short of E2, and some tagging for E1, actual measurement value achieves E2 only however, exceed E2 even.

New capital signs up for reporter discovery, a lot of unqualified commodity did not tag brand to produce manufacturer even, and it is not well-known trademark mostly. 2017, composite deck flooring of indonesia total bureau of national qualitative check makes man-made panel the holiday into building materials product " sword of qualitative check benefit " the key in the action " keep an eye on " catalogue item,

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