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<p>prevent long hours of high baking, so that limited drying, bending deformation and the emerging film part of the metamorphosis. 5, avoid direct sunlight should try to prevent the outdoor sunshine ship wood furniture full time or long exposure sprinkling, its position in the most able to avoid the sun or local, so lit the gossamer curtains separated out of direct sunlight, and does not affect the indoor lighting, but also </p>
<p>maintain the internal ship wooden furniture in the superiority of the premise. In the south, humid climate, in order to moisture, in the boat wood furniture surface basically put on a thin layer of lacquer. Some particularly humid climate where it is painted ship wood furniture inside and outside, inside and outside are protected. The ship's wooden furniture in the north is not painted, only a wax is applied to the </p>
<p>surface. Because the climate is dry, do not need to paint, and tangla after ship wood furniture in the use process after long-term repeated rubbing, the surface will be oxidized into wax wood, and produce it. Has formed the patina furniture surface cannot be scalded by boiling water, also cannot touch soluble strong liquid, such as gasoline, otherwise it will damage the patina. The above content is play for how to </p>
<p> can you attach vinyl fencing to a wood post <br />
84 lumber fence posts price <br />
cost outdoor composite deck flooring Malaysia </p>

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