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<p>surface, uniform waxing. Of course, the most ideal or professional manufacturers to wax. Another method is to wax, wax dry on the surface of the furniture, with hot hair dryer to blow into liquid wax dry, brown brush evenly after the solidification, and then use wood or bamboo floating wax surface removed, finally brush and cloth "shake", polish. This is the professional is difficult, fix will engage in patina </p>
<p>"new", do not advocate amateur and novice rashly use. Maintenance method five: to deal with loose furniture parts and fall off, if the furniture parts loose phenomenon, do not worry, in fact, the more high-quality wood furniture, the more prone to this situation. You can try to use toothpicks, glue or cardboard it plugged, reinforcement, don't use 502 to stick. If a part of the furniture falls off (for example, a </p>
<p>drawer, ring, etc.), the most important thing to note is to protect the falling part. The jargon is called "dead bodies"". The falling part can be tied together with furniture of the same color, and if it is part of a cabinet or drawer, it can also be placed in a cabinet or drawer. Do not leave, so onMesuaferrea aka lignumvitae, is a kind of high hardness, high medicinal value of wood. This is what mesuaferrea structure, </p>
<p> Application of interior decoration <br />
swimming pool deck composite wood <br />
خفيفة الوزن الرصيف للأسقف المسطحة </p>

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