Following the detention, police were prepared for thepossibility

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TURKU Nike Air Max 98 Supreme Grey UK , Finland, Aug. 18 (Xinhua) -- Two people were killed andeight injured as an attacker stabbed crowds at two squares incentral Turku in southwestern Finland on Friday, police said.

The stabber started the assault in the market square around 4p.m. (1300GMT) local time, and then ran northwest to another squaresome 400 meters away, where he was shot in the leg and detained bypolice.

A witnesses told Xinhua that the attacker was a slim young manwaving a huge knife at the corner of the market square. "Peoplewere screaming, running in all directions, and this person justcontinued to wave his knife and to stab people," said KentSvensson, a tourist from Luxembourg.

"A guy took off his shirt to try to stop the blood from a personlying on the ground. And we ran into the cafe to hide. Peopleclosed the doors," said Svensson with trembling voice.

Photos taken by Zhilwan Pirkhezri and his friends showed that avictim was a mother with a small child. The woman was later seenlying on the ground covered with a white sheet, with her handbagand sunglasses by her side.

People at the market square tried to stop the stabber and threwcafe chairs in front of him, but did not manage to stop him. One ofthe victims was stabbed when he tried to intervene after an elderlywoman was attacked.

"We were talking about the happenings in Barcelona, when wesuddenly realize that it happened right in front of us," saidSvensson.

The police have not defined the incident as "terrorism." At apress conference at 7 p.m.(1600 GMT), the police could not confirma claim by a witness that the suspect shouted "Allah" during theviolence, as some media reported.

Minister of the Interior Paula Risikko said at the pressconference that the nationality of the suspect could not beimmediately verified as the detainee was receiving medicaltreatment.

Turku police arrived fast on the scene and appeared in a heavyresponse outfit, with assault rifles visible. An alert reached thepolice at 4:08 p.m.(1308 GMT), and the suspect was apprehended 20minutes thereafter.

Following the detention, police were prepared for thepossibility of other attacks. Police ordered the city center to becleared.

Turku is located in southwestern Finland and home to 187,000inhabitants. It is a major Finnish port city connected to theSwedish capital Stockholm via passenger ferry lines. Enditem

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