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This type of LED strip is popular for general lighting situations that one finds in people's homes at times; also in public places such as entertainment areas and hallways. It has become a very popular alternative for fluorescent tubes and is often used to change existing applications.

The 5050 in the strip refers to the chips in the LED's to describe their size: 5.0m x 5.0m. This variety of strips (there are other sizes too) is much brighter than most others Ozzie Guillen Jersey , the reason being that the SMD (surface mount device) technology used to mount the LED chips on their surface, allows for four separate LED chips.

The 5050 LED strip is often used for the smooth and bright effect it gives when the lights are on. They are available in a number of colours such as warm and cool whites; red, green and blue and amber as a single colour - and also a colour changing option which is either the red, green, blue (RGB) or red Luis Aparicio Jersey , green, blue, white (RGBW) option. This has the effect that the 5050 strip can change, and mix, colours when needed.

They come in different lengths and are therefore used for different reasons. The longer variety is often used in entertainment areas such as bars Ron Santo Jersey , clubs and dance halls - the shorter ones in people's homes or smaller, more intimate spots such as restaurants.

When you want 5050 LED strips it is always a good idea to make sure it offers various features such as waterproof capabilities since these strips are often moved around and may be used in damp, even wet areas to provide the wanted lighting for certain functions. And you should always ask the sales assistant where you buy the strip from to inform you of the quality they have available, especially if you want a product that provides very strong light, for instance - and a reliable one at that.

One of the qualities of these strips is - as with all types of LED lighting - its energy saving qualities Jeff Keppinger Jersey , which is useful in applications where these 5050 LED strips are used for many hours on end. Because they are energy efficient they can be used for much longer at a time, or on many more occasions than is the case with other forms of lighting.

They are used to create atmosphere and are often chosen for their ambience enhancing features. And, just like other LED products, they are eco-friendly, which is a quality most of us seek in all our products today.

Another great feature is the fact that they emit much less heat than other lights Luke Appling Jersey , which means they are easy to handle and quickly moved, should the need arise. Because these 5050 LED strips are so versatile in terms of what they can be used for, they are popular with a variety of customers and therefore easily found at hardware shops and outlets that market electrical products and accessories.

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