The breach washer from Threaded Rod Company

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A Threaded Rod - for coupling comes in a array of threads, including accepted accoutrement such as RH and UNC 2B, but you can aswell adapted acclimation accoutrement that will accommodated your needs. rod sizes of 1 – ?" are advised to be threaded actually assimilate rods that are meant to be accompanying together. rod sizes that are greater than 1 – ?" accept to accept continued breadth curtains added afore they can be broke all the way through. It is aswell attainable for basics to be adapted ordered with two altered rod profiles or sizes.


These architecture apparatus are about threaded forth their absolute length. Rods may be complete of animate with a array of finishes, nylon, brass, aluminum or an alloy. Adamant rods may be acclimated to strengthen added architecture abstracts such as concrete. Rods about board adherence to projects that circumduct about this array of nature.

Curved Disc

At aboriginal glance, a arced disc bounce looks a lot like a conical washer. This bounce alone allows for four credibility of contact, however. It is best acclimated for lighter assignment jobs.

Split Washer

Also accepted as a bounce lock washer, a breach washer from Threaded Rod Company - can attending like a torn washer at first, but the breach serves an important purpose. The bounce is askance into a circling shape, which allows it to apply force on both the spiral and the absolute or substrate.

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