The Different Decorative Symbols Used In Uniforms

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With time many things have gone through change, including the color and style of uniforms of many countries. But what has not failed to be a part of the tradition are certain symbols and emblems such as laces, tags, batches which are still used as a symbol of style in the clothing. While these laces and emblems of may seem as a decorative item worn in the uniform, they denote honor when attached to the costume.
What are the different symbols used in uniforms?
Other than batches and laces that are prominent items marks used in the uniform, the use of decorative items such as belts and laces which are a common site.
Aiguillete is laced tag or cords made of metal tips which are primarily used to fasten the armor and plate together. They can comprise of either gemstones or enamels which are joined together in a gold set, the crafting of which is done manually without the use of a machine. Used as a medium to fix the armor in place, these laces also render a stylish look to the military uniforms.
Sash Belts are distinctive features commonly used by the French army used during parade marches, in the form of a blue lace draped across the waist. These are ribbons which are worn cross over the body piece, draped from one shoulder to the opposing hip or draped around the waist. These are used primarily to denote the rank or class of the individual.
Each belt is distinct to the denoting the symbol of the country, the position, and rank. They are a common sight in the army of Latin America, Africa, Italy as well as being worn by people holding higher ranks of the president and royal princes of various countries.

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