Why it is Important to Take In-House Quotes before Shifting

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When the time comes to relocate your car from Noida to Pune through the shifting service providers, then there are chances that when you put your requirement on the websites of the various listing companies and car carriers in Noida , then you will get plenty of quotes over the phone or email. After the comparison of the charges or quotes, if you have selected a particular company, then make sure that you get the in-house estimates before the actual process of car moving takes place.

When the supervisor of the car packers and movers in Noida visits your home to assess the condition of your vehicle before the shifting, then he will provide you with the quotes that you will be required to pay in the form of fees to the service providers. This particular method is considered as one of the most feasible method of getting the accurate cost of shifting from the Noida car carrier service providers.

Now, you may have a question in your mind, particularly, if you are relocation the vehicle for the first time. If the quotes are available over the phone or mail, then what is the point to get an in-house estimate? Well, if you believe in the car transport companies providing quotes on the phone, then first of all it is important to note that sometimes the charges can be inaccurate. In such a situation, it is highly important that you must have an excellent knowledge about the in-house charges estimates.
In-house car shifting quotes process

• First of all, you will be required to provide your car relocation details on the listing or movers and packers websites.
• If you have selected any service provider, then the sales or marketing executive of that particular company will fix an appointment with you.
• When the sales executive arrives at your house, then he will determine the condition of the car, take the pictures from all the angles, check the running condition of the car, etc.
• After all the verification process is over by the sales person, then you will be provided with the in-house car shifting quote.
• If you are happy with the charges offered by the service provider, then you may sign a car transportation agreement.

A very important point to remember here is that if you to move your car to your relative’s location after few months from the new location in Pune immediately, then you must follow the same process and request for the in-house estimates from the professional car carriers in Pune for the damage free car shifting experience.

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