How Importance Are Epaulettes?

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Epaulettes are mainly worn on uniform based on requirement in the security industry. They are designed with 100 percent polyester and fasten with a lock at the edge. They can be supplied with or without a Velcro over-locking.
Epaulettes are the type of ornament worn around the shoulder or the type of decoration used as badge (just like bullion badge ) of rank by the military and other organizations. However, in some European forces, epaulettes are worn by all the ranks of elite or the ceremonial units anytime they are on parade. For ceremonial parades, some forces units adopted the use of epaulettes of various colors of the organization’s choice. For instance, when policing large event, the epaulettes of some specialist police officers’ are coded with colors based on their role or duty; medics – Green, Silver commander – Grey, bronze Commander – Yellow, PSU Commander – Red, PSU Sergeants – White, Tactical Advisors – Royal Blue and many more.
How to Use Epaulettes
Epaulettes are tightened to the shoulder by a shoulder strap, the button very close to the collar, a small strap that is parallel to the shoulder arm or by the laces below the epaulette that passes through the holes in the coat shoulder. Also, any shoulder straps that have marks are referred to as epaulettes . The important thing about epaulettes is that its placement, color, length and diameter of its bullion fringe signify the rank of the wearer.
In the beginning, epaulettes are restricted to the dress or ceremonial uniforms for the military. The history of epaulettes is traceable to Roman times but recently epaulettes are worn by military personnel in the 17th century and later used to signify the rank in the soldier. However for the pilots, the number off bars on their epaulettes signifies their status. If you are highly interested in getting your wings and epaulettes despite that you are not in the military field, why not get commercial pilot license in order to fulfill your dream?

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