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) -- "My whole life is here," said Amanda Gonzalez, a resident of capital Mexico City, explaining why she refused to vacate her residential building, despite clear risks.

The downtown Geminis building where Gonzalez lives is sandwiched between two others that were severely damaged by the destructive 7.1-magnitude quake Victor Hedman Salute to Service Jersey , which toppled nearly 40 apartment buildings, damaged 2,900 buildings and killed 155 people across the capital city.

The buildings flanking Gonzalez's have been evacuated due to the near certainty that they will collapse.

"Civil Protection already told us the buildings next door are going to fall, but that they are going to plummet downwards, not fall sideways," Gonzalez told Xinhua Jake Dotchin Salute to Service Jersey , sounding confident of their assessment.

Most owners of the apartments in the Geminis building are clinging to their properties inside, hoping for the best. Those who have left were mainly tenants, said Gonzalez, who lives with her husband, their four-year-old son and her parents.

Her block has been closed to traffic. Authorities are even discouraging foot traffic in the area, by installing yellow caution tape along the sidewalks Braydon Coburn Salute to Service Jersey , though no officials are on site to keep pedestrians out.

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